Fixing instructions for
            promoting better posture with less tension


Pass one end of the loop through the gap between the mouthpipe and the horn body, just below the thumb lever as in diagram 1 and loop the other end behind one of the stays towards the bottom of the horn - as in diagram 2).  Diagram 1

Attach the ends together. NB - in order to avoid the valve linkages, be sure to attach the ends together above the mouthpipe, not below it (diagram 1). Use the brass screw to connect the ends together. 
Due to individual hand sizes and personal preference, trial and error will find both the correct fixing point and length for maximum comfort. It is possible to make fine adjustments to the length of the leather loop by careful choice of holes. 
If there is no gap between mouthpipe and horn (sometimes they are soldered together) or if there is a stay in exactly the wrong place, all of the loop will need to be on the outside of the mouthpipe, seemingly hanging loose - see diagram 2).  Diagram 2

In all events, the loop should rest on the soft, fleshy part of the hand between thumb and forefinger.
For the Alexander 103 (and other horns if desired) extra comfort may be obtained by a special long arrangement of the loop around part of the bell branch (diagram 1). This ensures that the loop is held at an optimum angle across the back of the hand.
Trim off excess leather if necessary.

Please email if you encounter any problems.

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